to be pioneering in

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Do you use "pioneering" in that context?

The system is pioneering in the management of the companies’ knowledgement. It shares the daily company’s management with the employees and encourages them to have initiatives that improve our performance.

Thank you!!!

  • JamesM

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    "knowledgement"? That's a new one for me. :) I can see that it's a known buzzword, though, from Googling it.

    Since you're using "management" in the same sentence, I would suggest using "knowledge", unless this is a common "insider" word for your target audience. Alternatively, you could say "in managing of the company's knowledgement." This would parallel the (new to me) buzz phrase of "manage knowledgement".

    I think you could use "pioneering" in this way, but I would change "in the management" to "in its management".

    "companies'" - is there a reason this is plural in the sentence and singular in the second sentence? I think they should match.
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