to be sort of

I know how wide "to be" verb is, but in this occasion, this piece of lecture is a little confuse to me ""....he was some sort of a South American"......, I can perfectly understand paragraph's context but will anybody be please give me same similar phase for this one.
Thank in advance and don't hesitate to correct my fault.
have a nice day.
  • Some sort of is very similar in meaning to some kind of or some type of:

    The ice cream was served in some sort of a pastry basket.

    (One might say instead "... some kind of a pastry basket".)

    He is some sort of an official at the bank -- I don't know exactly what he does, but apparently it is important.

    (One might say instead "some kind of an official".)

    This newly-discovered plant appears to be some sort of viburnum.

    (One might say instead "... some type of viburnum.")

    Does that help?