to be straight-up thirsty


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Hello. Could you please tell me if "to be straight-up thirsty" means "to be desperately wanting to have or do something" / "too eager to get something"? Thank you.

If you’ve actually gone out of your way to make it clear that you are “single” on your Facebook, then there's a good chance you're just straight up thirsty. It's Complicated: What Your Facebook Relationship Status Says About You

There has been no "official announcement," even though the story inside is titled "IT'S OFFICIAL." the info here is all based on the fact that when given a hand-knit shawl for Wee Prince George while in Australia, Prince William said "you might have to make another one soon." Only if you are seriously desperate and straight up thirsty to "break" "news" is that an "official" announcement.

Speaking of the Bone Zone, Caitlin is straight up thirsty for Jay in this episode, right? She is 1000% all over Garrick the minute he shows up, to the point where, during the final Sand Demon fight, she's going, “Jay!” when everybody else is going, “Barry!”
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    Yes, that's what it mean.

    Straight-up (adv. and adj.) -> honestly; directly; openly; etc.
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