To Be Swept

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I have some difficulties with understanding the coloured part of the sentence below! Would like to know your ideas!

As the voltage is swept, ions of differing m/z ratios become stabilized.

Does it mean, that voltage is turned off?
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    I am mostly useless when it comes to anything mechanical or electrical but I hate to see your post drop off the first page with no answer.

    As a complete layman in this area, I would read it to mean that the voltage sweeps from one level to another in a continuous arc, such as moving from zero to full power in a smooth transition of some kind.

    I hope someone with more specific knowledge will respond.


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    Hello Revans,

    I found the following which also uses "sweep" with voltage. EXAMPLE not source of original sentence.

    Here swept seems to mean the same thing as "increased".

    However, this is not my field. I hope that someone with technical background will correct my explanation.
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