To be there for someone

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  1. pingpong abyss Member

    USA English
    How do you say this in Spanish? Can you translate it literally, like 'estar allí por alguien'?
  2. ILT

    ILT Senior Member

    México - Español/Castellano
    It would depend on the context.

    Estoy aquí por ella (because she asked me to, because it is important to her)
    Estoy aquí para ella (to support her, to make her emotional load lighter)

    Cuenta conmigo is the more natural way of which I can think to say it:

    Ella sabe que cuenta conmigo = she knows I'm there for her.

    I wish I was clear enough ;)
  3. viudabella Senior Member

    New York
    Puerto Rico
    I would say:

    You can count on me or I am here for you (I think I have heard that in common English).

    But if pingpong is asking about the Spanish translation, yes, I think the phrase is correct.

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