to be took in

Arthur Lebedeff

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Hey, guys. I don't understand what does "to be took in" mean in this context. Could you, please, explain?

From "The New Right" by Michael Malice:
On the thread, one Nazi (the left-wing, inclusive iteration in the group) opined, “Finally, a Jew I’d be willing to invite into my house.” Against him was the right-wing exclusionary user, who insisted, “Are any of us really stupid enough to be snuckered by a jew pretending to be on ‘our side’? I would hope not and most real White activist [sic] here are a little more sauvy [sic] and intelligent to be took in [sic] by these conartist [sic].”

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  • Welsh_Sion

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    …most real White activists here are a little too savvy and intelligent to be taken in (tricked/duped) by these con artists.

    (But not very savvy or intelligent to speak correct English!)

    PS I don't know the word 'snuckered'.


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    Of course! Should have read my own post! These "White Supremacists" sure aren't "supreme" in their spellings! D'oh! :)