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    Which is correct?. I have come across both sentences, and I do know that "typecast" is a verb, but it can be an adjective too, can't it?. So?

    I think the question is pretty straightforward, but anyway here you have the context:

    Michael Landon has been always typecast in mawkish characters
    Michael Landon has been always typecasted in mawkish characters

    Thank you and best regards
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    The verb "cast" is quite unusual in that it does not differ from present to past or past participle. "Typecasted" is simply wrong.
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    I may have to take that back! I just noticed that words like "broadcast" and "forecast" have been granted an extra syllable (by some dictionaries) in their past forms: "broadcasted" and "forecasted," although my spell checker doesn't like them.
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    Indeed - forecasted is very popular in the TV weather forecasting community! I think adding -ed to a verb to make a past form is so ingrained that it is a "regularization" pressure.
  5. In academic writing, you'll want to use typecast rather than typecasted, forecast rather than forecasted, etc. because they are still the traditional participles of those verbs. By the way, Darkbit, you asked about using it as an adjective, but it is not an adjective in either of your examples. In either case, it is the past participle in the verb phrase was typecast(ed).
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    My past tense and past participle forms remain the same for typecast, broadcast and forecast. I don't think I have heard the regularised versions before, and maybe they are more common in AmE. I'll have to check on this.

    I've looked up the COCA (for AmE) and BNC (for BrE).
    Typecasted occurs 5 times in COCA, 1 time in BNC
    Broadcasted occurs 39 times in COCA, 3 times in BNC
    Forecasted occurs 106 times in COCA, 14 times in BNC
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    "Cast" and its compounds aren't unique in this characteristic. Foreign-language dictionaries are good for lists of "principal parts." In one, I find the following
    bid (also with bade, bidden)
    cut (a fairly common verb; has compounds like undercut)
    hit (also common)
    read (spelling only, not in pronunciation)
    slit (also weak)
    spread (another common verb)
    thrust (I think there are also weak forms)
    wet (also weak)
    More than I would have thought without going through a list of all strong and irregular verbs.
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