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    I read a passage in one of forums which says:

    All of us, to preserve our belief that we are smart, will occasionally do dumb things. We can't help it. We are wired that way.

    I understand what the passage means but I want to know whether "to be wired that way" means "to be born that way" or doesn't.
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  2. Billf Senior Member

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    Yes. ;) It means born that way / made that way. You've understood the expression correctly.
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    Adding to Billf's good comment...wired is used in a figurative sense. The expression is probably derived from the wiring of an electrical device. The way something is wired dictates what it does, and how it does it.

    Be sure to use this expression, to be wired, in a way that's appropriate to your context.
    It has various meanings. If a person is hyperactive, say from drinking too much coffee or eating loads of refined sugar, they "are really wired". It can also mean full of anticipation, edgy, nervous.

    A person or place equipped with recording devices "is wired". There are many more meanings.
  4. shiningstar

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    Indeed. I've encountered this expression first in the "Clean Cut" by Lynda LePlante and it was used in several different meaning as you described above. But I've never seen this particular usage/meaning before.


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