to be worth every penny


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I'm wondering what the french equivalent for this expression is. For example: These shoes are worth every penny!

Ces chaussures valent bien leur prix?
  • Bobbibounette

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    Argyll is very efficient, as usual!
    About shoes I would say "ces chaussures étaient un bon achat"

    I'm not sure I'm right but I have that quantity image that comes to my mind when hearing 'on en a pour son argent'...

    By the way, your idea was not very idiomatic but really good nevertheless.


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    How about if you want to say: Going to Peru was worth every penny ?

    Would Mon voyage au Pérou valait chaque centime or some variety there of be possible?
    Ou : j'en ai eu pour mon argent en allant au Pérou ?
    Ou (encore en me basant sur les messages ci-dessus) : je ne regrette pas d'avoir déboursé autant d'argent pour mon voyage au Pérou.

    Anything better?

    Thank you. :)
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