To be worth something

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  • Ancielle

    French (France)
    Yes, we would use "valoir". However, the context would help, because it would influence the translation. Is the situation close to this one?

    - This camera costs £250!
    - Yes, but look at the zoom, and blah blah blah... It's definitely worth the money!

    In French:
    - Cet appareil photo coûte £250 !
    - Oui, mais regardes le zoom, etc... Il les vaut.


    German (Germany)
    Thank you all very much, that was very helpful.

    Context: I'm comparing cinema to watching films at home and the cinema is quite expensive but I think it's worth the money. ;)


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    Français, France
    The closest translation to "it's worth the money" is "ça vaut le prix" in best french, or in spoken french: "ça vaut le coup"

    Une place de cinéma coûte assez cher/n'est pas donnée, mais je trouve qu'on en a pour son argent/que ça vaut le coup.


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    this sentence is good or not "something which makes it worth you digging more deeply in me" ... "quelque chose qui vaille la peine que tu creuses en moi plus en profondeur" please help !
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