to be worth writing home about


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Hello everyone,

thank you in advance,

could you please tell me whether it is an idiom and how it is used?

"to be worth writing home about"
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    Hi -
    we don't only use it in the context of postcard writing !
    It is just another way of saying "wow, that's great" or "that is out of the ordinary"

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    Suzi is quite correct.
    The event must have a positive overtone or you would not write to your parents about it.
    It is seldom used in a literal sense but uses the imagery of letter writing to convey the positive aspect of the event being discussed.



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    To generalize, something that's "worth doing" means it pays to do so or one benefits from taking certain actions. Say if you won the scholarship from school, the first thing you'd probably do is write to your mom and dad and let them know you're doing fine in school. That's something worth doing. :)


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    I've always seen it used in the negative, as a slightly humorous way of referring to something that's not very special, not very exciting. "It's nothing to write home about."
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