to beat someone to a pulp

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  1. LORETTE75 Member

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    I can't really figure out how to translate this expression into French:
    to beat someone to a pulp

    => can you explain the meaning/reformulate the idea in english, please?

    Ses sentence below:

    And if she is selfish and mean she still isn't a bad person, only a disturbed one, and beating her to a pulp isn't going to make a lovable and fair creature of her.

    Merci !
  2. Pickle Posy Senior Member

    Paris, France
    British English
    Pulp is the soft, very juicy, part of fruit - so "beating someone to a pulp" meaning hitting or punching them until they are, well, like pulp.

    Here maybe it's being used figuratively (difficult to tell without more context), to mean treating her very badly in some way, not necessarily with physical violence...
  3. persona67 Senior Member

    On dit "battre comme plâtre".
  4. piloulac

    piloulac Senior Member

    français France ♂
    TFD confirme cette signification très concrète, ici.

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