to become more of

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How to become more of an optimist.

What exactly does "to become of" mean? (I'll ignore "more".)

Is there any difference in meaning when it is compared to the sentence "how to become an optimist?

Thanks in advance~
  • JamesM

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    "How to become an optimist" implies that you are not an optimist at all right now. "How to become more of an optimist" implies that you can become more optimistic no matter how optimistic you are now.

    You can't ignore the "more". The "more" is essential part of "more of". The sentence is divided into parts this way:

    How / to become / more of / an optimist.


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    You can't ignore "more" in this sentence. The sentence could be written " How to become an optimist." The "more of" here means how to be a greater or better optimist. The difference between "How to become more of an optimist" and "How to become an optimist" is that in the first sentence one will learn how to be a greater optimist and in the second sentence, one will merely learn how to be an optimist.


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    Here is the construction (as well as the related constructions "little of", "less of", and "much of") used in other sentences; perhaps this will help make the usage clear.

    I am not much of a fancy cook. I am more of an old fashioned, country-style cook.

    His appearance has little of his father about it; instead, there is a great deal more of his mother in his looks.

    The director said that the actress should play the scene as less of an innocent, and as more of a flirt.

    John is very outgoing, while his brother Jim is more of an introvert.
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