To 'betray' give you in?


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Is that, right?

For example two people are talking and lets say person 1 has a necklace of this band and person 2 says: hey, you're a fan of this band?
person1:yeah, how did you know?
person 2: (that's what I'd like to know) Your necklace gives you in

is that the right thing to say, or do you say it differently?
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    As a speaker of AE, I would say:
    Your necklace gives it [OR you] away.
    Possibly, I would say "Your necklace betrays you", but "betrays" suggests that what it reveals is something that you would want to keep hidden.

    Speakers of other varieties of English may say it differently. Of course, other people will have other ideas.

    Note: Perhaps you were thinking of "turns you in", which is what we say when someone reports a criminal to the police.
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