to break in through the window


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Hi everybody,

I'm not absolutely sure about something in a specific context, which is why I need your help.

We're talking of a twisted version of Little Red Riding Hood (a cartoon movie): the wolf, Red and her granny are all in Granny's house, which is located down a hill.
There is also a crazy woodcutter not far from there chopping trees, but he chops a huuuge tree that unfortunately falls in his way so that he his forced to run away down the hill in order not to be crush by it. He finally manages (by jumping) to run on the trunk instead of being in front of it. Then you can see that the rolling trunk is luckily stopped thanks to a collision with two other standing trees and the poor guy is sent away by the can see him "fly" in the air for a few seconds, then go through Granny's house window (which he accidentaly breaks of course, because of his flying/falling speed) and land in the living room.

Can I use "break in" here, even if it's not intentional ?

Like in "Suddenly, a woodcutter broke in through the window."

Or would it be "Suddenly, a woodcutter broke through the window." ???

The idea being to find a verb that expresses that all this is accidental, sudden, and violent since you can see glass flying in every direction...

Thanks in advance ;)
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    Bon film pour enfants 'La véritable histoire du Petit Chaperon Rouge' (Hoodwinked in English) Je préfèrerait dire; "Suddenly, the woodcutter crashed through the window.". THE parce que probablement vous avez parlé du bûcheron en question dans les phrases précédentes...


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    Hum... en effet crashed exprime bien le tout je trouve... j'en viens à me demander pourquoi il ne m'est pas venu en tête... la faute au bilinguisme imparfait ;-)

    Pour ce qui est du déterminant, j'avais mis a machinalement car non, justement, je ne mentionne pas ce bûcheron dans les phrases précédentes, mais cela dit les enfants avec lesquels je travaille ont vu le film, donc oui ... the does make sense too.

    Merci beaucoup pour cette réponse rapide :)


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    Yes, I would use crashed and not "break into." "Break into" is something that a burgular does. Crash or smash are good choices for you.
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