To break out


Hello everybody!

May I say "to break out his/her role" meaning that one person doesn't do or behave anymore as he/she was supposed to do?

Thank you!
  • piperitapatty

    Hi! I'm writing a sentence and I need to say that a person is going beyond his role, he's breaking out of his role. I would like to say that this character doesn't want to do and behave anymore as he was supposed to do. He has a role as a goos boy and he dosn't want anymore to be a good boy.
    May I say he breaks out his role of good boy? It should be said very synthetically.
    Thank you.
    He wants to break out of his role as a good boy. You can also say that he does not want to play the role of a good boy any more. (This is not limited to acting; people talking about "playing a role," meaning to be stereotyped as a certain sort of person, in real life quite often.)
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