to break the rule or regularity?


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I want to say that it's sometimes good to behave differently than usually so that another person cannot predict what you will do. Should I use this phrase: "break the rule"? Or maybe "break the regularity"? Is the word "rule" related to the law and regulations only? Is it something to follow or can I use it in this context?
I would be grateful for your response. (Btw: Is the word "response" correct here? Or maybe I should use "reply" or "answer"?)
  • heypresto

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    You could say 'It's sometimes good to break the rules'.

    The rules (note it's plural) here could mean some specific rules/laws, but in a context like yours it will be taken to mean the 'rules' by which you habitually live. In other words, you do something out of the ordinary, different from what people might expect from you.
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