to break through


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I want to be sure whether the expression in bold means, in the context of the lyrics, "to make progress" or it have other sense. This is a part of the lyrics:

waiting at the station
or im late for work a vital presentation
if you call me now girl without reservation
i would try to break through

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    I have more the sense (having the read the full set of lyrics) that it is more that he would try to get through (the psychological or other barriers) to her even though he had other very pressing things to do. However, song lyrics (like poetry) are often open to different interpretations.


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    I agree with the former post. The guy knows in his head she's no good for him, but his heart refuses to get over her.

    Even knowing the relationship is only hurting him, if she called him, no matter what else he was doing, he'd drop everything for her.

    That line: I would try to break through is a very poor way to express it, though, in my opinion. No wonder you were confused. It presents a muddled picture in your mind.
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