to bring a bit of simple to the more

Horrid Henry

how do you understand the sentence in bold? I have a very vague notion of what it could mean but, basically, I'm at a loss. It comes from O. Magny's Stuff Parisians Like, from a chapter about fleur de sel, a type of high-quality salt, which, so Magny says, is treated by Parisians as a snobbish accessory. The sentence comes at the end of that chapter:

"If most people hope for a bit more salt in their lives, it is fair to say that Parisians often hope for more fleur de sel. As if a bit more of the simple were to bring a bit of simple to the more."

The only sense I can make of it is this: "As if a bit more of simple things could bring a bit of simplicity to opulence", but it still doesn't make much sense to me.

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  • ride7359

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    I think your interpretation is correct, but the attempt at cleverness makes the comparison difficult to understand. I think "the simple" here could mean "the authentic."
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