"to bring into existence and sustain" in one word

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    Hello, I wonder if anybody could suggest a single word that expresses "to bring into existence and sustain". For the context: I'm trying to give a label to a type of activity that creates a rule that did not exist before by observing it, and sustains the rule in existence by continuing to observe it. To contrast what I'm looking for with other words I have found wanting: to realize, to bring about: do not contain the idea of creation (ex nihilio, as it were), because what is realized should exist already as a plan or goal or ideal and also miss the "to sustain component" / to perform: similarly, it is to follow a script a rule, etc., whereas what I'm looking for would imply that the rule does not pre-exist the action that brings it into existence; so it misses the "to bring into existence" component / to create, to invent: they miss the "to sustain" component / to emanate: misses the component of choice between sustaining the rule or not (seems to be automatic), as well as the reciprocal relation between the rule and its observer Thanks a lot for any suggestions!
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    What about "to set" or "to establish" ("the rule has been established after the 2034th input into the artificial intellegence system")? Could you please show here some sentence where the word you're searching for is to be used?

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    Thanks, here is an example: "I argue that for Great Powers the task of management is to create and sustain order as a political artifice, it is a task of bringing into existence and sustaining [need to find a proper word]. This task can only be achieved in the continuous observation of the rules of order in the activity of Great Powers." I would need a handy word to contrast this type of activity with what I characterise as healing, that is, the restoration or realization of order. For me "to set" and "to establish" have something of what I would like to get but for me they don't contain the idea that the continuing existence of the, let's say, order established depends on it being continuously or at least regularly observed.
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    Mr Friedmann,

    I think, you're imposing the rules. For example, Google complains why China imposed rules againt contact with foreigners. Not a great deal of observation and renewal here either, but some bit there is, I think. ;-)

    I don't think it will be evident that "imposing" and "healing" mean contrasting things, but it's another topic. :)
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    Thanks a lot, very useful!
    I think I should go for something like imposing. I will have to give some more thought to it. The contrast will not be obvious by the words themselves, but I simply need words that I can use as shorthands for a complex comparison of two types of activities.

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