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Hi all,

I'm learning German and have a fairly basic question to ask. I understand if you want to ask "Will you bring me something?", the second verb goes to the end of the sentence - "Wollen Sie mir etwas bringen?"

If you wanted to add a third verb, where would that go? For example, in the sentence "Will you bring me something to eat?", how would that sentence look?

Many thanks for your help!
  • ink-heart

    Germany - German
    "Will you bring me something to eat?"

    To make it sound natural in German you would normally translate it in the present tense: Bringst du mir etwas zu essen mit? / Bringen Sie mir etwas zu essen mit?

    I think in a lot of contexts 'mitbringen' is preferable to 'bringen' when translating English 'bring'.
    To continue on this topic:
    how would I say in response:

    What do you want me to bring [for lunch/to eat]?

    *this is too advanced for me to try on my own right now. Ich bin eine Anfängerin. =)
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