To Bring Something?


El Salvador, spanish
:) Hi everyone !

I need some help. Help me to correct the next phrases please !

Are we supposed to bring something?
Will you bring something?
Do we have to bring something?

Do I have to use "something" or "anything" , is a bit confuse to me wich one do I have to use?,I also want to know if the way I've made the question is the right one... thank you ?
  • elroy

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    What is the context? If you're talking about a party or get-together, "something" works fine. So would "anything."

    The grammar of the sentences is also ok.


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    All three of your sentences are correct as they are.
    They would also be correct if you used "anything" instead of "something," but the meaning would be slightly different. Using "something" in these questions implies that the speaker thinks that probably there is something that needs to be brought. On the other hand, using "anything" implies that the speaker is less sure about whether or not something needs to be brought.

    Kelly B

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    In that context I would use anything, because it is more broad - it implies that you really don't know what you should bring. In the dinner party context, you know you'd bring food or drink, if the answer is yes. Here, it could be, well, anything - dinner or popcorn or a sleeping bag or a karaoke machine or.....