to burn the shit out of something

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  1. Sibilla Vane Senior Member

    Italy, Italian
    To burn the shit out of something.

    CONTEXT: A couple talking about their problems, she asks him what is happening to them and he sais:

    -You made a casserole thing with a can of mushroom soup...burned the shit out of it, set off all the alarms.

    Then she sais she wants her sexual life back and he smiles and sais:

    -Why do you think you burned the shit out of the chicken?

    What does it mean?
  2. pescara Senior Member

    To "burn the :warn:shit out of something" means to burn it really badly, to burn it so badly that it can't be eaten.

    I don't undertand the last remark about burning the chicken.

  3. Sibilla Vane Senior Member

    Italy, Italian
    Actually I thought it was an idiomatic expression... any other suggestion? :/
  4. rrose17

    rrose17 Senior Member

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    I think the "casserole thing" is the chicken. I think he's just saying she's giving off very obvious signs that she's frustrated.
  5. You little ripper! Senior Member

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    I agree; I don't think you can make a casserole from just a can of mushroom soup; the chicken would have to be part of it.

    It sounds disgusting even without having the sh.t burnt out of it! :p:D
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  6. Jacobtm Senior Member

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    It is an idiomatic expression, and it does mean to burn something very badly. In fact you can emphasise almost any negative or forceful action with the past particple + "the shit out of"

    "I beat the shit out of him" means I beat him violently.
    "I fucked the shit out of that girl" implies a very hard fucking.

    A friend of mine has the habbit of using this format for food, saying for instance "I'm gonna eat the shit outta that cake." This sounds weird, but we get the point, that he's gonna eat that cake like a madman.
  7. stella_maris_74

    stella_maris_74 Mod About Chocolate

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  8. ptitcendrier New Member

    I think the context was to give the key to this question; as far as I'm concerned, I believe it is not only the last line (the one regarding the chicken) that has something to do with sexual issues; it just underlines the fact that everything had been burnt off because of the character's frustration.
    And "to burn the shit out of something" is just used in colloquial communication, as is the register between lovers.
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  9. andym Senior Member

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    Me neither.

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