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    Mandarin Chinese普通话

    顺路拜访;顺道走访 If you call in somewhere, you make a short visit there. from- here

    From - here in
    to telephone a place, especially the place where you work
    Several people have called in sick today. somebody in
    to ask for the services of somebody
    to call in a doctor/the police something in
    to order or ask for the return of something
    Cars with serious faults have been called in by the manufacturers.

    call in有顺道走访的意思吗? 牛津字典上面没有这个解释。 可以说call in somewhere吗?

    还有一个好像也不一样.... 哎!


    (短暂)拜访,探访,看望 If you call on someone or call upon someone, you pay them a short visit. here

    call on/upon somebody
    (formal)1 to formally invite or ask somebody to speak, etc
    I now call upon the chairman to address the meeting.

    根据牛津字典call on应该是邀请某人去演讲,爱词霸是拜访、看望,谁对??

    真的不是我哪壶不开提哪壶,确实是让我有点迷茫。 谢谢指点。
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    有 call in on sb. 这样的用法,表示短暂拜访某人。在表示这层意思的时候,call in 应该是不及物的,不能直接在 call in 后加 sb. 。

    另外,call on 在你给出的词典中都有 “短暂拜访某人” 的意思,可以再细看一下。

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    古时拜访别人所用的名帖叫"calling cards" (拜帖), 现在电话卡也叫"calling cards". 混淆了, 不是吗? 单单一个"call"字做名词或不及物动词原有"拜访"的意思 (e.g., house call = house visit, come calling = come visiting). 为了避免与"打电话"及其他意思相混, 在call之后的副词/介词(e.g., in, on, in on)就成了重要的区别元素. "Call in" 的原始概念就是在门口通名报姓("to stand at the door and call")然后进入屋内("in")的意思. 这里的"in"是个副词. 因此"call in"是不及物动词. "Call on"与"call in on"的"on"是个介词. 有了介词便可在其后加受词而成及物动词. "Call"做"拜访"解是古老的用法. 这些习语带有旧式(old-fashioned)的风味. "Call on"则有正式(formal)的感觉.
    顺道走访嘛, 难说. "短暂拜访"比较恰當.
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    這是"去一下"的意思,例如I need to call in at the bank,就是要去一下銀行的意思。

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