to carry a bag of stones by yourself??


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Hello once again:eek:
Could someone tell me if
1.- carry a bag of stones by yourself makes sense in English.
2.- I am afraid that the expression:- manage by yourself if you can- is a literal translation from Spanish. is it possible to understand in this context?
Thank you :D

“To speak out! To speak out about the problem and that is. At least, to the family. And if you want to cry, cry. It is like carry a bag of stones only by yourself. Because with my son I had a big problem. He was born when I was only 22... but I assumed the problem. But now with this problem... manage by yourself if you can”
  • I'd say an idiomatic AE expression would be "carry your own load." It would be a little rude to use in the imperative mood, so it's usually expanded or softened by an expression like "sometimes in life you've just got to carry your own load."

    In AE, if you need to specify what kind of load, we'd tend to use rocks rather than stones.
    I have not studied English to the extent of many of the people on this website however..... i know is what makes sense in english and what doesn't...I know what you mean by carrying the stones...In english we might say " carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders" that means to have a huge burdon that you manage alone so you could say:
    I feel like i am carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.
    It's like carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders

    There are other expressions that have similar meanings I will try to think of some more!!!!

    I have to be honest there are many things in your sentence that do not make sense...for example: I have assumed the problem..In the context you have used it (involving children you would not say the word problem you might say: I have created this situation...if you are talking about other things you can say I have made this problem.

    because with my son I had a big would use the word struggle or hard when talking about having children not problem.... It was a struggle....It was hard bringing up my son (bringing up means to raise a child)

    Manage by yourself could say: I have to deal with this by myself...we would say the words I must deal with with this ...means to get on with the situation alone and accept responsibilty.

    it is so hard to change parts of a sentence but easier to re-write the whole sentence to make it sound more English!

    Also....I am from the UK (England) and our expressions can be different from the Americans and Australians but we all understand what the other means!! When translating from a foreign language sometimes it means something totally different or doesn't make sense!