1. pedacito New Member

    English - USA
    Hello all,

    I'm looking for a way to say "to carve" as in the way that water carves the earth to make a river. I'm not sure if that is even the correct word that you would use in English but it's what occurred to me... any help?

    I thought maybe forjar but wasn't sure it sounded right.
  2. Aidanriley

    Aidanriley Senior Member

    SD, California
    It's erode. Specifically, water erosion.
  3. keox

    keox Senior Member

    Depends of the sense that you want, for example:
    if you emphasizes in the degradation suffered by the land when water flows, you could say: erosion(Is the same in Spanish)
    If you want to emphasizes(can anybody tell me other way to say this) in the shape that the water did in the land. you can say esculpir, dar forma, labrar, forjar( estas dos últimas no las recomendaría sobre todo forjar, yo la tengo reservada para cuestiones técnicas)
    Sorry for the Spanglish I´m tired
  4. miguel_es Senior Member

    Carballo (A Coruña)
    Spain (spanish - galician)
    You can say "horadar".
  5. caelum

    caelum Senior Member

    Northwestern Ontario
    Canadian English
    Hola foreros.

    Reabro este hilo para clarificar y preguntar de una vez ¿cómo se traduciría una tal frase?: The river carved the landscape.

    El río esculpe/horada/da forma/forja... Si todas las opciones valen, hay matices de diferencia?


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