to cast judgement on something

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  1. chambers Senior Member

    français - French
    I 've heard lately in Merlin on BBC 3 the expression "to cast judgement on something".
    To give you a bit of the context, here's what I could read on my TV programme :

    "Arthur heads to the white mountains on a quest to find three soothsayers who are casting judgement on his kingdom."

    I'm not sure if the meaning is only "to judge" or if the fact of saying "to cast judgement on" adds a nuance.

    So, I'd be happy if you could help me find a fitting translation, give me a synonym with an example if possible.

    Thanks in advance for your cracking replies.
  2. petit1 Senior Member

    français - France
    WASHINGTON - Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were awaiting the results Tuesday of one of the hardest-fought presidential campaigns in recent history after voters braved long lines and polling-station snafus to cast judgment on two starkly different visions for their country.

    émettre un jugement / porter un jugement / juger
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  3. chambers Senior Member

    français - French
    Thanks for your answer. It backs up what I thought. There's no real difference in meaning with "to judge" except that "to cast judgement" sounds more formal.

    ; -)
  4. Nicomon

    Nicomon Senior Member

    Français, Québec ♀
    Je n'arrive pas à l'expliquer, mais je « sens » une petite nuance entre porter un jugement et émettre un jugement.

    Je dirais porter dans l'exemple de chambers et émettre dans celui de petit1. Le second étant selon moi plus proche de se prononcer.
    to cast a vote = voter

    Je crois, mais il se peut fort bien que je me trompe, qu'il y a la même nuance entre pass judgment et cast judgment.
  5. Tazzler Senior Member

    American English
    Cast judgment isn't a very common collocation. To be honest I sense a hint of casting a spell in the first example. But I would also say that cast judgment means to verbally voice your thoughts while pass judgment could be just a synonym of judge, that is it could take place wholly within the mind.
  6. Nicomon

    Nicomon Senior Member

    Français, Québec ♀
    Thank you Tazzler.

    I'm now having second thoughts about chambers' context, but this is exactly the nuance I was trying to make between émettre un jugement (express your thoughts - verbally or in writing) and porter (un) jugement/juger = (pass judgment/judge).
  7. chambers Senior Member

    français - French
    Tazzler, could you tell me if the collocations such as "to pass a remark, to pass a comment" are common ? Does it sound to you formal ?

    Could you also say "to cast a comment / a remark" ?

  8. Kelly B

    Kelly B Senior Member

    USA English
    Edited again: Nicomon's se prononcer was exactly what I was thinking, before carefully reading the thread to see she'd already suggested it.
    Edit: I wouldn't say cast a remark, no.
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  9. chambers Senior Member

    français - French
    I was just wondering if we could say "to cast a remark / a comment" because we can say "to cast judgement". But as for "remark" and "comment", I've only seen to pass a remark / a comment for the time. being.

    Thanks for your answer kelly.
  10. chambers Senior Member

    français - French
    In the context of the US elections, I like your translation "se prononcer" for "to cast judgement". It really give the idea people make their minds and then express their choices.

    Way to go !

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