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I have a doubt about the meaning of a sentence, and especialy with the verb "celebrate" and "embrace", which in context seem a bit strange... :

"I celebrate us starting the ascent, although the way was barred, no matter, we embraced our connection".

I can't translate celebrate by "fêter"...
Someone can help me to get the global meaning of this sentence please?
Thanks a lot.
  • ride7359

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    "To celebrate" in this sense is to be extremely happy about - Je me réjouis might be a good translation.

    "Embraced" is often used in this sense to mean "to accept willingly, completely", although I don't understand the "connection."


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    Thank you Mr. Ride,

    Then, I think it was not "connection" but "correction"... In this way it could make sense : "nous avons accepté de bon gré notre punition".

    Merci beaucoup
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