To chafe a bit around the middle section


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To chafe a bit around the middle section. What is the meaning of this phrase? I cannot understand it.

I found it here:

CONAN: The cause of feminism. So the process of having children is one of the experiences you go into in great detail in this book.

MORAN: Yes, there's a very visceral description of childbirth in the book, that I've had many people coming up to going: I really enjoyed your book, but it made me realize I can never have children unless I simply find one on the doorstep -because the whole process of getting them out seems quite tricky. And I have to nod in my kind of old-woman-of-the-tribe way and go yup, it does tend to chafe a bit around the middle section.
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    This is extreme understatement for comic effect. You might speak of a starched collar as "chafing" your neck, but childbirth is considerably more uncomfortable than merely being "chafed" in the deliberately-vague "middle section" of your body.
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