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    I have problem how to translate the English word to check (and its Polish equivalent: sprawdzić) in the meaning of 'to get to know the qualities of something' into Czech.

    My dictionary first suggested ověřit – ověřovat, but I consulted Slovník spisovného jázyka českého, and it said: ověřit 'potvrdit správnost, pravost něčeho'. It suggests that this word is not about getting to know qualities, but veryfing whether or not somebody was wrong. Similarly, ověřit (si) defined as 'přesvědčit o správnosti, pravosti' suggests verifying stuff, and it seems to usually go with zda, but I found counterexamples, too, for instance: ověřit zdroj informací, and this, in turn, suggests multiple options, not just yes/no or other binary selection.

    So now, can you clear for me how that works?
    Can you say in Czech: Check what's going on using ověřit? Or just: Podivej co se děje?
    Is it acceptable to say: Ověř si, jaký on je? ...jak pochutná ta polévka? ... jak zní ta hudba?Or you would rather say podivej, ochutnej, poslouchej?

    And there is also prověřit and zkontrolovat, which seem to function as synonymes (except "důvěřuj ale prověřuj") – what's the difference between them and ověřit?

    Thanks in advance for any comments on that.
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    Czech (Prague)
    zjistit (si) - zjišťovat (si):

    Zjisti, co se děje! Podívej se (koukni se), co se děje. Jdi (běž) se podívat (kouknout), co se děje.

    Zjisti, jaký je. Zjisti si, jaký je.
    Zjisti, jak chutná (pochutná bude chutnat) ta polévka. Ochutnej ... Běž ochutnat tu polévku!
    Zjisti, jak zní ta hudba.

    kontrolovat - zkontrolovat (si):

    Než vyjedeš, zkontroluj (si) brzdy.
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    Thanks for the extensive reply :)

    Isn't zjistit more like "to determine" or "to state", though? And does it render my translation to ověřit/prověřit incorrect?
  4. bibax Senior Member

    Czech (Prague)
    to determine is rather určiti/určovati (to decide, to define).

    zjistiti/zjišťovati is rather to ascertain, to find out, to discover, something like poznati = to get to know, to learn.
    ověřiti/ověřovati = to verify, to certify, to authenticate;

    Your translation is not correct.

    Zjisti, jak chutná ta polévka.
    Normally we say: Ochutnej tu polévku.

    The verbs ověřiti and prověřiti sound too formal.

    Ověř, zda polévka splňuje normy EU. (zjisti, zda means something else)
    Prověř původ polévky. (zjisti původ polévky is something else)
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    Oh, okay, thank you a bunch – this clarifies a lot :)

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