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I'd like to know how to say "to check somebody out" in Portuguese in the sense of looking at someone when you think they're attractive. For example, "John was checking out the hot girl in the short skirt." Thanks in advance.
  • Dom Casmurro

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    'Dar uma olhada' seems to be be the phrase you are looking for. If you need a typical Brazilian slang, try 'azarar', but be warned that this one adds some degree of malice to the simple action of 'checking out', as well as a longing for an eye contact that hopefully will do the trick, if you know what I mean.

    Here is a translation for the sentence you posted as an example: 'John estava dando uma olhada na / azarando a menina gostosa de mini-saia'.


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    Good, Dom C. It could also be "estar de olho", "encarar", "olhar dos pés à cabeça", "sacar" (slang).

    John estava de olho na menina gostosa de mini...
    estava encarando ...
    estava olhando dos pés à cabeça ...
    estava sacando ...


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    If John were leering at the girl in a very obvious way you could say: John estava tarando a gostosa de mini-saia.

    The verb tarar is slangy and it lends some creepiness to the act of looking.


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    Good point
    The verb tarar is slangy and it lends some creepiness to the act of looking.
    It's provably useful to know that the noun "tarado" means pervert, coming from "tara" perversion. However "tarado" has slid into popular usage as something halfway between "having a weak spot for" and "being hooked on/addicted to".
    Nancy é tarada por Chanel No. 5 - Nancy is hooked on Chanel No. 5
    In other words, one should better avoid that word and its relatives, lest one be misunderstood ;)

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