To chum [fish]


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One chums (for) fish by throwing overboard attractive (to fish anyway) foodstuff. Can you think of a more general term, preferably with the same connotations, that would apply to animals in general. If not, is there an equivalent term for ANY subset of the animal kingdom?
  • xrayspex

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    USA English (southern)
    I can't think of any equivalent. "Chum" is a little odd, because it was (to the best of my knowledge) a noun which was bastardized into a verb by popular usage. (And relatively recently, too, I think.)

    You could "set out bait" for other animals, but no single word comes to mind.


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    U.K. English
    "bait" would be the closest equivalent, I think. Similar to chum, it can be either a verb or a noun