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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some help in order to translate this sentence:

"The early November street was dark though night had ended, but the wind, to the grocer's surprise, already clawed."

I don't catch the meaning of "clawed" here. Is it something like "le vent était tombé" ? or the contrary ? or something totally different ?

And what about "the early November street" ? Does it mean that the scene takes place at the beginning of November, or that the street is called November, or... :confused:

"En ce début novembre, la rue était sombre, alors que la nuit était terminée/le jour s'était levé, mais le vent, à la surprise de l'épicier, était déjà tombé." ???

Thanks in advance!
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    I would imagine the term Clawed here means that the wind was "Prying" other words quite strong and sharp? The imagery being the wind would claw at your coat/ garments trying to rip it open? So I guess it is surprising that the wind is still this strong even though night has ended? I find the expression a bit strange! More often you would here of a biting wind...but this refers to coldness also....
    The early November street surely means the scene is in early November, as you guessed.


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    Indeed, the usual expression would be "the wind is biting". "Clawing" would then be somewhat stronger than merely "biting". "Pinçant" is "nippy", "surprisingly cool"; "clawing" is "unpleasantly cold", "raw", at least in my imagination because I have never actually encountered the expression "a clawing wind" before.
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