to clear a higher bar for prviacy

Peter SLP

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What does 'to clear a higher bar for prviacy' mean in this context?

'When questioned about this, Sherman pointed the finger at other tech companies, saying he thought Facebook was more upfront with users. Asked to clarify if he thought Facebook’s approach was “better,” he said “I think that’s right.” But Facebook isn’t being judged by the industry standard, because it’s not a standard company. It’s built its purpose and its business on top of our private data, and touted itself as a boon to the world. But when asked to clear a higher bar for privacy, Facebook delved into design tricks to keep from losing our data.'
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    Facebook is being expected to maintain a higher standard for privacy protection than other companies, for reasons explained in the text.


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    To raise the bar for something is a figurative use of the sporting term relating to the high jump, and it means to make standards higher and therefore more difficult to achieve.

    Here they’ve taken that analogy a step further in the sense of clearing (jumping clean over) that higher bar.
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