to close up (financial markets)

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    In the following quote coming from bloomberg (financial jargon), I know that "closed up with" means in franch "a cloturé en hausse" (talking about a market) thanks to Google Traduction but I have NO CLUE why.
    My Collins dictionnary did not really help me...

    I don't see where the "en hausse" comes from. Could you help me understand this "close up with" ?
    Thanks a lot!
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  2. CarlosRapido

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    It means that it closed having gained a few points on the previous day's close.
  3. richardr New Member

    Thank you

    Can you tell me if it is finance jargon ?
    English is not my mother tongue so I would like to know if I could have been able to find it out by myself OR it is simply an expression ?
    I even cannot find it on a dictionnary...
  4. CarlosRapido

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    Québec - Canada
    français - English (Can)
    Stock market lingo actually...
  5. misterk Moderator

    "The DJIA closed up..." = At the close of trading for the day (When trading ended that day), the DJIA was up (was at a higher level than at the end of the previous day).

    The markets closed up; the S+P closed down; the Hang Seng closed up; etc -- these are all very common in reporting (in the press, on radio, on TV) on the financial markets.

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