to come in droves

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Hi everyone,

How would you translate in Italian this expression: "It keeps coming in droves that my baby daughter is going to get married. Always the baby for me".

Is it an idiomatic expression?

My try (I'm just trying to guess from the general meaning of the whole sentence): "Ancora non mi rendo conto che la mia bambina sta per sposarsi. Per me è ancora la mia bambina".

Do you think this is the correct way to interpret the sentence?

Thanks a lot!
  • GavinW

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    British English
    To "come in droves" means "to come in large numbers"; eg people were arriving in droves = un sacco di gente stava arrivando/affluendo.

    Come vedi, l'espresione sta male nel resto della tua frase. In fact, I would say it's almost ungrammatical in English. The only way to interpret this sentence is perhaps to understand that the speaker keeps having the same thought over and over again, or the same image in her (his?) mind, ie the image/thought/idea of her (his) daughter about to get married.
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