To come to a dead stop

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E. L. Doctorow’s "Homer & Langley" - Last sentence of first paragraph

I would hear someone going someplace fast, and then the twirl into that long scurratch as the skater spun to a stop, and then I laughed too for the joy of that ability of the skater to come to a dead stop all at once, going along scoot scut and then scurratch.

Is it just one of many terms using in "Ice Skating"?
  • Beryl from Northallerton

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    Beryl what about "spun to a stop"?
    This is merely a rotational analogue. I'd imagine that anything capable of spinning would also be capable is 'spinning to a (dead) stop'.
    Please note that we deal with one topic per thread, in this forum, and this thread is supposedly about 'coming to a dead stop'. ;)
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