To complete the sentence: "If I knew—no, I can't pray to anything."


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As in the last part of The Snake by John Steinbeck,
in Dr.'s reflection, the sentence seems to be finished halfway, before "no, I can't pray to anything.".
Could anyone give me a clue what he means to say to complete the sentence?

Dr. Phillips turned a chair around and sat down in front of the snake cage. He tried to comb out his thought as he looked at the torpid snake. "I've read so much about psychological sex symbols," he thought. "It doesn't seem to explain. Maybe I'm too much alone. Maybe I should kill the snake. If I knew—no, I can't pray to anything."
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    We know that it concerns prayer, so perhaps it could be "If I knew that God existed/would help, I'd pray" or "If I knew any prayers, I would say them". We aren't given many clues with "if I knew", and there isn't an obvious sentence that follows.