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to cotch (to chill)

Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by tommyay123, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. tommyay123 New Member

    Polish - English is OK
    Hi, the English term 'to cotch' basically means to chill/prang out... does anyone have a German translation??
  2. Robocop Senior Member

    Central Switzerland
    (Swiss) German
    abhängen, chillen
  3. cirrus

    cirrus Senior Member

    Crug Hywel
    UK English
    Where does it mean to chill? I've never come across it before. Can you give us a tad more detail? As for prang out the mind boggles - am I just showing my age ;)?
  4. twinkletoes56 Member

    English USA
    That makes two of us, cirrus.
  5. Kuestenwache Senior Member

    The reason might be it jamaincan origin, I guess it is not comon in the US or UK. Anyway here are some German youth speakesque terms, that express the same thing:
    "chillen", "gammeln", and as mentioned before, "abhängen"
  6. tommyay123 New Member

    Polish - English is OK
    Yea cotch/prang out usually refers to having smoked weed and then chilling, but in this context it is merely chilling, thanks guys
  7. Kumpel Senior Member

    British English
    Well, I've never come across it either, so if even I'm too old for this word, there must be some weed-smoking toddlers about, which wouldn't surprise me at all nowadays.


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