to cross the picket line

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Does anyone know what "to cross the picket line" exactly mean? I know that it's related to strikes but I can't properly figure out what it means in french. Traverser le picket de grève????? Sounds weird!!
Thanks for your help!
  • MorokaBrown

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    I can't tell you the corresponding French expression but I can explain what it means:

    When a strike arises a number of strikers may prevent workers from groing to work (sometimes by erecting a picket line). Those who manage nonetheless to go through are said to "cross the picket line".

    Hope this helps, at least to some degree


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    En tout cas les gens qui le font sont appelés des "briseurs" ou des "casseurs" de grève.
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    franc 91

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    le piquet (here) is the picket line but as un piquet on its own can mean a stake in the ground, de grève is added to make the meaning clear (obviously it comes from English but it is common usage in French)
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