to cut a poor figure

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by gc74, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. gc74 New Member

    Vorrei sapere se "to cut a poor figure" è l'esatta traduzione di "fare una brutta figura. Il contrario sarebbe "to cut a fine figure" ?
    I would like to know whether "to cut a poor figure" is the correct translation for "fare una brutta figura" or not. Is "to cut a fine figure" exactly the contrary?
    Thanks - Grazie!!
  2. SuperGaara Senior Member

    Venezia (Italy)
  3. gc74 New Member

    Thanks for your fast reply!
    Now I wander, why English people (Australian and Irish as well) do not understand this? (I've just come back from London...). Is it American English?...
  4. dunescratcheur Senior Member

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    France, English
    Rather late but essentially this is a cultural/educational problem.

    Educated and/or older BE speakers recognize this (to cut a * figure) as a familiar construction whereas it is less common amongst the young and/or uneducated.

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