to cut opium cultivation

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The provinces in the north that cut opium cultivation are relatively poor, he said. Those in the south that increased production, like Helmand, are comparatively wealthy. Over time, he said, opium would also distort the economy of southern Afghanistan. (source)

Is "to cut cultivation" an idiom?
What does the "cut opium cultivation" mean?
  • timpeac

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    Hi - no I don't think it's an idiom. "To cut" can mean "to cut down on" - in other words "to reduce". It could conceivably mean "to cut out" - in other word "to reduce to nothing" but it's more often "to reduce", I think.


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    A common phrase it to "cut taxes," meaning that tax rates will be lowered; another is "cut government spending/waste," meaning that this will be reduced.

    In some cases, the phrase "cut down on" is used with the same meaning.
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