to depend on welfare checks


comment dit-on "to depend on welfare checks"? est-ce que "à dépendre des chèques du Bien-être Social" correcte?
  • Psycher

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    Canada, French
    Dépendre des chèques du bien-être social.

    The infinitive verb tense in French (dépendre) is written with "to" in English (to depend).

    There is no need to add the "À", since anyway it wouldn't make sense.


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    français de France
    "bien-être social" must be proper to Québec, then.
    Yes, it would not be understood in Europe, or at least, bien-être social would sound like a general political concept, in sentences such as

    Le bien-être social (= le bien-être des citoyens) doit être une des préoccupations majeures des hommes politiques. :)


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    Canada, French
    yes, that's what i would have guessed, i guess.

    note : in Québec, "BS" means "bien-être" often in a negative sense, as in "des gens BS" (people who don't do anything, who are lazy, etc.) and does not mean BS bulls....

    Moon Palace

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    Maybe in a context of politics, we would say: 'il dépend de l'Etat Providence'. (alluding to the Welfare State), but then we would lose the idea of checks.
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