to deploy water cannon

Peter SLP

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Hi all,

I am not sure if 'to deploy a water cannon' means 'to use it' or just 'to put in on the streets in the following context. Please help me.

"Hong Kong: Water cannons pose real danger in hands of trigger- happy police
9 August 2019, 23:31 UTC
Hong Kong police must exercise extreme caution in any deployment of water cannons in upcoming protests, Amnesty International said, warning that the use of these powerful weapons in the city’s densely populated streets could cause serious injuries and further enflame tensions.
This trigger-happy approach raises questions as to whether police officers can use water cannons in a way that doesn’t put people at risk of serious injury.
Man-kei Tam, Director of Amnesty International Hong Kong.
The organization highlighted that Hong Kong police have repeatedly used tear gas, rubber bullets and sponge grenades in an excessive and unlawful way during recent protests and called for restraint as police prepare to deploy water cannons.
“Water cannons are not a toy for the Hong Kong police to deploy as a sign of strength. These are powerful weapons that are inherently indiscriminate and have the potential of causing serious injury and even death. This equipment can knock a person over, push them into fixed objects, cause permanent loss of sight, or pick up loose objects and propel them as missiles. In Hong Kong’s crowded streets, their deployment could be a recipe for disaster,” said Man-kei Tam, Director of Amnesty International Hong Kong.
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