to detect and to identify a bug

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Hello everyone.

I have a doubt about the difference between detect and identify :

"I had to detect, identify and correct bugs in the software."

First, I discover a bug. I don't know where it comes from, i just see that there is a problem. I think to detect fits well here.

Then, I look deeply at the code, and I come to the conclusion that, for instance, the bug is due to this mistake, in this line of the code. Here I choose the verb to identify.

Finally, I am able to correct the bug.

Did I choose detect and identify wisely, or are there better verbs to explain this ?

Thank you all.
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    Knowing nothing about coding, I would have to ask what the difference is between "detecting" a bug and "identifying" a bug. However, based on your excellent context, if there is a difference in the computer world, you've used the words correctly and capably.


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    This is what I'm trying to figure out. ;)
    Well, if your target audience knows of a difference between "detecting" a bug and "identifying" a bug, then your language is fine. In the insect world, I "detect" lots of bugs in my garden but I can't "identify" many of them.

    If, however, you "detect" a bug in the coding and then go on to "identify" where it is, your language should say that, ie:

    "I had to detect, identify the location of, and correct bugs in the software."
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