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Please, what is the difference between

nakunarimashita 亡くなりました and
shinimashita 死にました

Are they synonyms?
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    futaro said:
    Please, what is the difference between

    nakunarimashita ??????? and
    shinimashita ?????

    Are they synonyms?
    I wish there was a good romaji Japanese-English (and vice versa) online dictionary. I have a pretty good one (romaji Japanese-->English) but very old (Kenkyusha's New Japanese-English Dictionary --dated 1942--2280 pages long). Anyhow it has an entry for nakunaru (the infinitive form of nakunarimashita). It has four different meanings:


    1. Be or get lost or missing.
    2. Run short or run low on.
    3. Disappear or vanish.
    4. Die, be dead.

    Whereas shinu apparently has only one basic meaning: to die. However my dictionary for some reason has a full page of examples of its use.


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    As you mentioned, you can take it that “nakunaru” and “shinu” are synonyms.

    shinu: to die (of any life)
    nakunaru: to die (only of persons)

    So, you can’t say “watashi no inu (mi perro) ga nakunarimashita.” You will hear “watashi no inu ga shinimashita.”

    Nakunaru is a formal and polite word. To euphemistically express someone’s death shows respect for dead person and one’s family. Shinu simply describes someone’s death.

    Plese note that nakunaru is not only for death. And it basically means “to go to be null and void.”


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    Arigatoo gozaimasu.
    All explanations I received were very interesting and I am very grateful. I wanted to try to write in Japanese but I don´t know if it is allow.
    Ja mata.
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