to dig somebody with

  • Liselotte

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    I think "kiffe" (kiffer) would be a good substitute for "dig" here.

    ou craquer

    IMO, I don't think "craquer" really works here - if you dig someone, you're playing it cool and it's a lot more subtle than craquer.

    Totally agree with you, samdebretagne, craquer means rather to fall for (something or someone), to be smitten with someone, while, as you said, kiffer would be more the equivalent of to dig in the sentence to dig somebody with. The funny thing is that the Encarta dictionary states it's a dated slang, but I've recently heard a trendy New Yorker use it in that specific sense... unless he was trying to be ironic and I didn't catch it...

    La Saboteuse

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    Oui, ça veut dire "kiffer," dans ce context il veut dire que "les filles auraient le beguin pour moi à cause de mon accent," mais "to dig" veut dire, dans un sens plus général, "aimer" ou "jouir". On peut "dig" un film, une personne, une esthétique...quand le garçon dit "they will dig me with my accent," il veut dire aussi "they will dig my accent."

    En outre liselotte a raison, on utilise toujours ce moins, moi je le dis...