to dismount (from) a bike

Baltic Sea

Hello everybody!

We say that we mount a bike.

How do I express the opposite of the activity?

I dismount a bike or I dismount from a bike.

Thank you very much for your help.
  • Sharifa345

    Senior Member
    US English, DR Spanish
    Although "mount/ dismount" seem to be correct, I've never heard them used, or seen them used in literature. I am accustomed to using "got on/ got off."

    franc 91

    Senior Member
    English - GB
    It sounds very formal to me and you've used bike instead of bicycle - usually I would say to get on and to get off - (there was an infamous remark once made by an English politician about using a bike to go and find work which resulted in the political insult - Get on yer bike! or - On yer bike!)
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