"to do" or "to ask"

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"Are you enjoying Europe, mate? lol What a question to do...certainly you are!" is an alright sentence or should it simply be : "Are you enjoying Europe, mate? lol What a question to ask...certainly you are!"
  • zhonglin

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    Can we use the word "ask" without a direct object? For example;

    "his child always asks to be carried"
    instead of saying;
    "his child always asks his parent to be carried"

    Please advise, thank you.


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    British English
    The Wordreference dictionary answers your question
    WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2015
    ask /æsk, ɑsk/v. to put a question (to);
    inquire (of):
    [no object]
    I asked but I never got an answer.
    [~ + object]
    I asked her but she didn't answer.
    [~ + object + clause]
    I asked him if they were going home.to request information about:
    [~ + object]
    He was ashamed to ask the question.
    [~ + after + object]
    He asked after you.
    [~ + object]
    to put into words so as to gain information, attention, etc.; utter:You have to ask the right questions.to request (of):
    [~ + for + object]
    I asked for a little more time.
    [~ + object]
    I have to ask a favor of you.
    [~ + object + object]
    Could I ask you a favor?
    [~ + to + verb]
    I asked to leave early.
    [~ + object + to + verb]
    I asked her to leave early, but she wanted to stay.
    [~ + object]
    (of a price)
    • to demand; expect: What price are they asking?

    • to set a price of: to ask $40 for the hat.
    [~ + object + to + object]
    to invite:to ask guests to dinner.
    [~ + for + object]
    to request to speak to (someone):

    Your sister called and asked for you.
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