To do up vs to make over?

  • pistakee

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    English, United States
    In USA I don't hear the expression "my house needs doing up". However, if someone said that I would think they meant "my house needs straightening/cleaning up".
    "My house needs a makeover" means it needs to be totally redecorated or refurnished.
    Perhaps in the UK the first expression means something different.


    British English
    Quite. 'My house needs doing up' in BE means 'it is time it was renovated'. If I heard someone use the word 'makeover' I would understand it, but I would know that it was an American who said it.


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    Very interesting distinction between AE and BE. I would never have known that "my house needs doing up" meant "a makeover." I too would have assumed that "doing up" meant "straightening up."



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    United States, English
    I wouldn't use makeover when talking about my house. I would say "My house needs remodeling, I need a makeover".
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